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Crosville Warrington Tow Truck VDB961 L317 (This tow truck was converted at Warrington mainly by Paul Howard and can be seen on the photo page)

This Site is set up by Bob Haughton for keeping Crosville X employees in touch. If you wish to post something on the site!

Please E-Mail me with the details. Photos News paper clippings or stories from the past can all be posted on this site.

Many Thanks.Cool

The Ex Employee List, If your not there please let me know and I will add you!

Rouges Gallery: CROSVILLE Warrington Depot Late 1960's to Finish in 1987.Laughing

Don Fisher. Bill French. Eric Graham. Christine Graham, Jimmy Sankey (Sugar). Andy Galbraith, Joan Stonehouse, Singh Husain, Johnny Williams, John Bloomfield. John O'Neill. Phil Gleave. Richard Priedt, Roy Semourson, Alan Leggett, Norrie Williams, David Bonehill, Phil Dixon. John Warren. Tony Butler. Bert Chambers, Barry Stonehouse, Eddie Heaton, Peter Banks. Jack Mason. Ann Mather. Keith Moore. John Redmand, Sammy Johnson, George Green Ivan Murry, Mike Allman. Jackie Edwards. Mike Withers. Joe Darwent. Jimmy Barber, Roy Ormston. Jimmy Doran, John Russell, Dave England, Graham Binns,Tommy Cross. Tommy Cross Jnr. Ken Thorne. Wilf Pownall, Inez Dowell, Harold McQilliam, John Adams. Harry Webster. Brian Smith. Kenny Campbell. Dave Rawsthorne. Tommy Bennett. Ewart Dowell, Eric Whalley, Harold Isherwood Graham Ratcliffe. Jimmy Byrne. Eddie Tipping, Bob Phillips, Geoff Phillips, Dennis Milne, Steve Kay. Ronnie Emson. Mike Knowles. Barry Ravey. Stev Gillet. Ray Thorpe, Bob Bryant, Dave Long, Kevin Semourson. Dave Cruse, Paul Howard(fitter). Brian Moran(office). Gordon Donaldson, Paul Stephens, Eddie Hughes, Fred Monks. Sid Swift.(Depot Manager) Len Thomas. Bob Stonehouse, Keith Willcox, Mike Roberts, Vinny Millington. Teddy Gatley. Les Owen. Bill Hardman. Frank Jones, Bob Gerrard, Harry Moores, Malik Akram, Tommy Mealia. Mike Scott. Ted Hollington. Bill Strickland. Alan Whitfield, Audrey Whitfield, Tommy Davies, Jimmy Forber, Bob Haughton. Jack Dickins. Harry Mather. Billy Black, Jimmy Blundell, Tommy Hands. Duggy Roe, Dennis Sutton. Walter Lancaster. Jimmy Spencer. Sue Bibby. George Martin. Roy Isherwood. George Fogg, Brian Barlow, Norman Elmes. Dennis Beckett. Min & Glad (canteen ladies and sisters) Len Wilson. Terry Burgess, Neil Burgess, Les Potter, Edna Serl. Ray Hands. Mike Hands.  Kath Allcock. Bill Brown. Rod Johnson, John McDonald. Colin Gwyneth, Ralf Spiller, Keith Langford, Keith Houghton. Cyril Edwards. Betty Edwards.  Johnny Maxsawlly. Bill Hardman Jn. Barry Holland, Harry Dickinson, Bernard Vernon, Mick Adamson, JJ Davies, Mike Hodgekinson,  (Nick Thomson, Paul Bradburn, Seasonal Staff) Frank Cantle & Roy Barnes(Depot Managers) Keith Guest(Office) Sue Long(Semourson)(office) Jackie Gibbons Shelagh & Ella. Tina Willcox(Office Ladies) Christine Martindale(Bus Station Information Kiosk). John Jenkins. Dave Jenkins, Bob Wilson, Graham Roberts.Barry Morrow. Stan Wiggins (Stores). Jonny Conninie. Eric Lears. Steve Boyle. Steve Richardson (Super Guard). Kenny Higham (fitter). Billy Clarkin (Joe 90). Roy Dawson.

Names in RED are known to have passed away.

*About the Company Roots*

Crosville was a Chester Based Company with Head Offices at Crane Wharf. Its engineering central repair workshops were at Sealand Road.

Please send any comments or information to :- bob.haughton@blueyonder.co.uk

Bristol RE SJA 373J<---->SRL238. Bristol RE SJA 374J<---->SRL239. Bristol RE SJA 375J<---->SRL240. Bristol RE SJA 376J<---->SRL241. Bristol RE SJA 377J<---->SRL242. Bristol RE SJA 378J<---->SRL243. Bristol RE SJA 379J<---->SRL244. Bristol RE SJA 380J<---->SRL245. Bristol RE SJA 381J<---->SRL246...... The above 9 bus numbers are for the limited Bristol RE's made to fit under Dunham Massey Canal Bridge.

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