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CROSVILLE Warrington Photo Gallery (Enjoy)

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Bristol RE SRL244 in Arply Bus Station.

Bristol RE SRL241 Parked on the wall in the old Warrington Bus Station.

Bristol RE SRL243

Bristol VR DVG285 (Finefare free service).

Leyland National SNL877

Bristol Loddeka DFG237

Bristol VR DVL332 in Arply Bus Station.

Bristol Loddeka DFG29

Warrington Tow Bus ( Converted mainly by Paul Howard)

Bristol RE SRL244 SJA379J (This Bus would do over 100 mph)

Two Bristol Loddeka's on Warrington Arpley Bus Station

Bristol RE SRL238

Bristol RE SRL241 (Leaving Altrincham Bus Station).

Poorly SRL in Warrington Depot

The Setright Ticket Machine was very easy to use and was used by Crosville for most of the 1970's.

Bristol Loddeka DFG251 (Semi Automatic). on Arpley Bus Station.

Warrington Arply Bus Station SRL 241 Just returned on service H32 Warrington/Runcorn.

Crosville Warrington Mini Lynx

Above is Crosville Bristol DFG182. EFM631C

Crosville Leyland National SNL877 in Warrington Bus Station.

Warrington Arply Bus Station in the 70's. We had out grown the Depot and parked alot of buses at Arpley Bus Station.

Above Arriva bus painted in Crosville livery for the 100 years celebrations'

Above is Bristol VR DVL332 parked at Warrington Depot with an SRL in the background.

Leyland National SNL 675 Nice warm little bus with high passenger capacity. Ideal for the Warrington-Altrincham Service 37/38.

Above is ELL505 coming out of the wash in Warrington Depot. Our newest Coach.

Above is Crosville Coach ELL324

Above is Crosville KG124.

DOG 126 in Arriva livery Warrington Bus Station late 1999, Notice that the spot lights have gone and trafficators and side lights have changed from the photo above!

Bob Haughton on School service 41 Lymm Grammer School to Walton Stag via Stockton Heath, as you can see DVL383 as got the front painted for FineFare Free Bus Service. This service was operated with schools and some stage carriage work.

Above are old Crosville tickets pre Setright.

Above is Bristol DVL 436 coming out of Liverpool on service H1. The bus is from Warrington Depot and the driver is Bob Phillips.

Setright Ticket 4d

Second from the left Bob Haughton but can you pickout David Meridith and Harold Foulks.

Above is Crosville Warrington Depot, Home Sweet Home.

Above is Bob Haughton & Mike Scott on Arply Bus Station 1978.

Above is DVL 372 at Warrington Bus Station, Returning from school service 41 Lymm Grammer School.

AEC Renown DAA 516 on Arpley Bus Station Warrington. We were given this bus in 1972 from the old North Western Fleet at first it was Red & Cream it confused people in Liverpool the 13A on the destination is a local service Warrington to Walton Stag. Behind it you can see an SRL from North Western still in Red & Cream livery.