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Collection of Crosville Badges

Crosville Seddon SPG 793

Above is DVL 436 in it's white national Holidays livery at the depot in Chester Road Warrington. Like all the DVL's this one could pick it's feet up when you needed a quick run in!

Issued to Bob Haughton

Crosville Driver Training was second to none.

Finefare free bus service early 80's

Crosville EFM 939 / KA 170

Crosville Lodecka GFM 188C

Olimpian DOG 137

Crosville XUF 392K

Crosville Coach CTL 48 / B148 ALG

Below is a photo of the the new bridge at Dunham the old one was very narrow and arched at the top that is why these buses have had the roof curved to fit the bridge with very little room spare.

Crosville SRL 244 at Dunham Massey Bridge Service 38 Warrington/Altrincham.

Above is a photo of a normal stage carriage decka that Billy Brown used for Training, most of the time he was lucky to get a bus for Training!

Crosville KG 131

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